Hello, my name is James. I own and operate Goat Dice with the occasional help from my wife, Sierra and our Golden Retriever, Korra. Admittedly, Korra just provides moral support. 

I have been playing Table Top RPGs for nearly 20 years now. I started with D&D and Talislanta. That evolved into a lifelong passion and since I have played everything from Battle Tech to Star wars RPGs. 



Goat Dice was founded in 2019 when I began to sell handmade liquid core dice. I loved it so much I started a Kickstarter for them, but that didn't go so well and it was canned by Kickstarter. Since then I've made thousands of dice all by hand and delivered to customers around the world. I make solid resin artisan dice and still make the liquid cores, but they are even better now. I am looking forward to the future where I can offer even more products and refine my skills even further.



I have a very simple mission: Provide unique, high quality products at a fair price.



I love my craft, and I think having a structured philosophical outline will help me guide my business decisions. 

Easy Shopping

Always make the shopping experience intuitive with a clean design. No one likes a buggy website or difficulty finding what they want, so I will strive to make things as easy and aesthetic as possible. 

Free No Hassle Returns (USA)

I hate re-stocking fees, buying return labels, and needing to provide "good" reasons for returns when I shop online. I set out to avoid all of that. Returns are always free with me providing the return label and you getting 100% of the purchase back. No need for a story, just simply request a return and its granted.

Never Over Charge or Under Charge.

My labor is important to me, its what I use to interact with and impact the world. My prices will always be fair, I set prices that are appropriate to my skill level and time.

Quality Products

I will never sell anything that I would not buy myself. The reason I got into dice making is because no one had the dice I wanted for sale. I want to share what I love with the world and anything that doesn't pass my quality radar will never appear on the site.

More to come

As I feel necessary I will add more philosophical outlines to help guide me.

Thank you for reading about Goat Dice. This page stands in the public eye so that I may be held accountable for not meeting the standards set above. if you have any questions, feel free to contact me via the Contact Us page.